Saturday, October 24, 2015

Who's going to be next to get married?

That was the question posed by my niece, Julie, at the wedding of my nephew Tom, last year in Connecticut.  Was it going to be her sister or brother? One of my boys? One of my brother Tom's kids?  I'm not sure who was the favorite and who was the long shot, but it didn't matter. They all would have been wrong.
In the spring my dad met a really great lady who lives in the same senior living community.  He met her in church, though, not through the social activities at the "Grove."  Since they are both a bit older than 85, neither felt the need to wait to get married.  So on October 10th, surrounded by their children and grandchildren, they did just that.  
The church was beautiful.  The bride was beautiful.  The groom, handsome in his tuxedo.  They wanted it simple, but their happiness made it simply beautiful.

Saint Cornelius Catholic Church

Kay's oldest grandson, Kevin,  gave her away!

My brother, Andrew was my dad's best man and Kay's first daughter-in-law was her matron of honor.

Oh, and the conversation about who's getting married next, is still going on......