Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fifty-two on Friday-Week Forty-two! Ten more to go!

 A blog circle of photographers from all over the world, both amateur and professional alike, sharing their interpretations of a common theme.  At the bottom of each post, click the link for the next photographer until you come full circle, back here to my blog.


It took some time this week to come up with an idea for our theme.  I spent the beginning of the week editing some pictures I took of two of my nieces on a recent outing.  They'd been going through a bit of a hard time due to the loss of a close family friend.  It was the kind of experience that is hard enough to understand as an adult, much less a child.   While I spent the day with the girls, I marveled at how resilient these kids could be in the midst of turmoil.  Many of my shots that day were of girls deep in thought, but then there were the times when the happy-go-lucky innocence of being eight and six shined through. 

The girls are no strangers to my camera.  I've used them as my practice models since I got serious about photography. They like to be silly and come up with their own poses, but they're good about taking direction too. These two girls and one of my other nieces came along much later than nine of their other cousins.  
They're almost a whole different generation and we treasure them, like jewels.   


To see what jewels Christa Paustenbaugh of Okinawa, Japan and the rest of the group found,